ACD Tough Luck Award to take place in 2014

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So have you ever had one of those rounds where you get back to the trailer and wonder how you lost? I know I sure have. Well this year Thanks to Bob Phillips and his company ACD Throttle Stops you will be rewarded for losing. Yes you did read that correct. Bob and I have come up with the “ACD Throttle Stops Tough Luck Award” for 2014. In the 1st round (And only 1st round) the driver with the “Best Losing Package” will receive a nice cool $50.00 from ACD and Mr. Phillips.

For those of you who don’t know what ACD is. Well let’s give you a quick lesson. ACD was started in 1985 and is celebrating it’s 29th year in business. They sell everything from Co2 Bottles to Shifters to Throttle Stop Timers and Throttle Controls. Bob is very knowledgeable in this department and has used his products to win multiple Divisional, MASGA and National Events. Bob is willing to help out and give you the right information on the products he sells. ACD vows it’s products to be 100% reliable and easy to install. So call ACD today at 610-987-8999 or visit them at the link below and when you see Bob at the track tell him Thanks for putting together a very cool program!