Champions Officially Crowned at Mid Atlantic .90 Banquet

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The 2015 Mid Atlantic .90 Champions were officially crowned on January 30th in Trevose, Pa.  With the banquet this officially puts a wrap to the 2015 Mid Atlantic .90 Season and the focus now shifts towards the 2016 season. A big thank you to everyone who made it out      to help celebrate the Champions and Top 5 Finishers from this past season. I hope everyone liked the hall & food. From the feedback I received from many of you it looks like this will become our home for the next few years. Congrats once again and onto the 2016 season.




2015 Champions
Super Comp: Ash Senft
Super Gas: Earl Nichols
Super Street: Keith Mayers

Special Award Winners:

Rookie of the Year: Nick Pierson
Sponsor of the Year: Road Runner Race Fuels
Wrench / Crew Chief of the Year: Tom Goldman
Driver of the Year: Keith Mayers
Special .90 Association Award: Bob Beucler from Dragtime News

Free Gate Entry into a MA .90 Association Race at Cecil County (Thanks to Jimmy at Cecil County):
SC – Ash Senft
SG – Jay Cepelka
SST – Rich Preiser

So now onto 2016. As we all know Roadrunner Race Fuels and VP have re-signed back on as the title right sponsor for this season. Last year with the help of VP and RRRF we guaranteed $1,000 at all the events no matter the car counts. To say the car counts didn’t increase like I was hoping they would was an understatement. So this year with the help of VP & RRRF we are going to increase the payouts to the Champions & Top 5 and we will expand the rewards of being a member all the way out to the 10th place. My Goal is to give back to the members who have been supportive of the series over the years. If things go well with more sponsorship over the next few months we may increase these amounts or we will work on increasing the payouts at our events. So here is the breakdown of how things will work for 2016:

Champion – $1,250 + Gold Card (The Gold Card gives you free entry into every .90 Race for the following season (If you run all 10 races that’s a $750 value) – Track Gate Fee is included still)
Runner-Up – $625.00
3rd Place – $400.00
4th Place – $300.00
5th Place – $200.00
6th Place – Free .90 Race Entry into Race # 1 or 2 (Gate Fee still Applies)
7th Place – Free .90 Race Entry into Race # 3 or 4 (Gate Fee still Applies)
8th Place – Free .90 Race Entry into Race # 5 or 6 (Gate Fee still Applies)
9th Place – Free .90 Race Entry into Race # 7 or 8 (Gate Fee still Applies)
10th Place – Free .90 Race Entry into Race # 9 or 10 (Gate Fee still Applies)

The BBQ’s will return for 2016. It won’t be as elaborate as the BBQ’s that the Donhauser’s used to put on but, more of a Pot Luck (Don’t think any of us can replace what they have done for the club). The Pig Roast will still continue at Cecil County and Race # 5 along with the Top 8 Shootout Race. I feel we lost a little bit of that camaraderie the club used to have with the BBQ’s going away and the hanging out after a tough day of racing. We will set everything up at my trailer & Bill Hardifer’s and we will ask for people to bring sides. We will get into this a little more as the season progresses.