All current NHRA Super Comp rules apply.

We use a true NHRA .370 pro tree.

No added performance enhancers are allowed (NOS, Etc). If a bottle is attached to a car the line or the bottle must be No flickering of the top bulb is permitted. If you are found to flicker the top-bulb in eliminations you will removed.

Automatically be disqualified for that round per the MASCA President.

All higher qualified cars have lane choice- FIRST ROUND ONLY.

The starter will back out any racer that breaks the courtesy staging rule one time only during time shots and eliminations. Any 2nd occurrence will be treated as an infraction and the racer will be disqualified.

You must back-up under your own power after a burnout. If your car stalls or loses reverse you cannot be pushed back.

All cars will qualify for first round ladder. Any car entering which has not had a qualifying run (late entry) will be

If you have breakage with your car and choose not to compete in round 1 you must tell the president ASAP. If you break you will not be taken off the ladder and your opponent will receive a bye-run. You will receive your MASCA

If you have no intention of running with MASCA that day please pull off into the Test & Tune Lane. Do not line up

If the weather becomes a factor all efforts will be made to complete the race on that weekend. At least 1 round of competition must be completed for points to count. If we are paired for 1st by the crew and then stage. placed at the bottom of the ladder.

(70) entry fee back if you do not stage for 1st round.

into the MASCA time shot lane as you will be then included into the qualifying sheet.

round and rain comes in and we cannot finish the event that weekend it becomes a wash.


It is the driver’s responsibility to see to it that:

  1. All Entry Fees must be paid before the 1st qualifying shot. If you do not pay before 1st will not count on the ladder. qualifying shot that run
  2. Tech cards must be filled in properly and turned in.
  3. Time slips have proper car number on them.

Disciplinary action for rule infractions:

  • First offense- 1 race suspension
  • Second offense- 3 race suspension
  • Third offense- 1 year suspension

All final decisions are made by Rob Keister.

Race was run, you are to take it up with him on a one-on-one basis immediately. Any outbursts in front of other racers

If for any reason you have a problem with another racer, payout, or how a will NOT BE TOLERATED and could lead to disciplinary action from MASCA.