NHRA Super Street Rules with the exception to:

  • .500 heads-up pro tree (True .500 Pro Tree)
  • All Races are run on 1/4 mile tracks (10.90 Index)
  • No weight minimum
  • Full-bodied cars with full fenders, hood, grille, top, windshield, and functional doors required
  • Open-wheel altered, roadsters, dragsters, Funny Cars, or motorcycles prohibited.
  • Racer entry fee is $70 to be paid to Rob Keister prior to your second qualifying run
  • $70 points registration fee per driver (once annually). You will get 1 MASSA T-Shirt and 2 Stickers with your registration and 2
  • No flickering of the top bulb is permitted. If you are found to flicker the top-bulb in eliminations you will automatically be disqualified for that round per the MASSA President
  • The starter will back out any racer that breaks the courtesy staging rule one time only during time shots and eliminations. Any 2nd occurrence will be treated as an infraction and the racer will be disqualified
  • All cars will qualify for first round ladder. Any car entering which has not had a qualifying run (late entry) will be placed at the bottom of the ladder. All higher qualified cars have lane choice- FIRST ROUND ONLY
  • BURNOUTS Vehicles will not cross the starting line under power during burn outs except at the direction of the starter
  • If you have breakage with your car and choose not to compete in round 1 you must tell the president ASAP. You will not be taken off the ladder but, you will receive your MASSA (70) entry fee back if you do not stage for 1st qualifying run. You cannot get your gate fee back.
  • If weather becomes a factor all efforts will be made to complete the race on that weekend. At least 1 round of competition must be completed for points to count, this includes qualifying points.
  • If you receive a bye-run in eliminations, you may make a full run or just break the beam. Either way there is no infraction into the following round as far as lane choice, etc.