New Texting Program for Race # 1

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Sign Up for the brand new texting program for 2020!

Over the past few weeks I have been working with Allison Doll of Port-A-Tree to come up with a program to eliminate the amount of people that form at my trailer right before 1st round. With Social Distancing in full force for Race # 1 & 2 we need to cut down on the amount of racers that form in groups by my trailer waiting on ladders, pairings, etc. With the Cecil event we will be rolling out a brand new text system for you the racers in which you will get a text from me at informing you of Lane assignment, calls to the lanes and ladders for the rounds to be sent straight to your phones. This will hopefully make things run smoother, get everyone up to the lanes in a timely fashion and also with pairings the hope is that some of you will take the bull by the horns and find your opponent before first round and get lane choice and pairings completed so you can get to the lanes in a timely fashion. Please e-mail your phone number along with phone carrier to get signed up!