4th Annual North vs. South Shootout at Maple Grove

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We are officially 2 Months away from Race #1 & 2 of the 2022 Mid Atlantic .90 Season at Maple Grove!

Gates open at 4pm on Friday the 24th for those who want to get in and parked early. I am still awaiting word if there will be a Test & Tune that night also so stay tuned. If we do a T&T it will be $60 for big cars & $30 for Juniors and run from 5 till 9:30pm.

Gates re-open at 7am on the 25th with tech opening at 7:15am, if you arrive on Friday Night, please go down to tech and get that taken care of for the weekend. Juniors will have tech in the lanes during Q1 to eliminate some of the congestion down at tech. Juniors will hit the track at 8:45am for Q1, followed by Super Street, Super Comp, Quick Rails, Super Gas & Quick Doors then into Q2 followed by eliminations.

Sunday, Gates open at 8am with tech for any new entries opening at 8:15am. The rotation will remain the same for 1 and only 1 qualifier followed by eliminations.

For the .90 Crew, remember for those that are MEMBERS there is an added bonus to winning and runner-up this season. On Saturday at 35 cars, we will pay out $2,000 to win ($1,800 nonmember) / $750 RUP ($650 nonmember) for $150 entry ($100 to us & $50 at the gate). You can increase that by jumping in on the $10 Calcutta or more cars showing up! 50 cars will pay $2,700 to win /$1,000 runner-up plus the always popular trophies done up by S&W Performance Group and Big Checks from Nitro Graphics.

Saturday Night will be the popular Racers BBQ that all racers and crew are invited over to partake. I believe this will be Taco Night for all the racers.

Sunday is a little lower entry fee so we don’t break the bank on you racers! Sunday is $130 entry ($80 to us & $50 at the gate) and will pay out at 32 cars $1,375 to win / $565 R-Up or at 50 cars $1,925 to win / $815 r/up all minus the Calcutta.

Juniors, this is a MG non-points race as we are trying to invite you into the series and add to the fun. Entry for you is $50 and $10 crew per day. Payout per day is $675 to win / $275 runner-up thanks to Josh Graham motorsports! You will also get a big check and trophy for your win. We are planning for you to be parked up on the hill when you first make the turn off the staging lanes, this way you can all hang with each other during the weekend. This is normally where Comp parks for the D1 races.

Top Sportsman & Dragster this is Race # 2 & 3 of the Top Quick Challenge for 2022 as your classes are now renamed to Quick Doors and Quick Rails. For $150 entry it guaranteed $1,500 to win / $750 runner-up on both days. ET Breaks are 6.10 to 7.90 for Quick Rails and 6.10 to 7.99 for Quick Doors. Remember the winner of each class then runs for an additional $500 each day from Ron Riegel Race Engines!

Hope to see you all there!